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Google Image Result for http://blog.jcolsen.com/uploads/munch.jpg

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That is some bullshit that Pluto is out of the planet list.... I mean.. common!!! what does it really mean to have cleared its neighborhood of orbiting bodies!? Jupiter had Shouemaker Levy 9 slam into it, and that was a comet in its neighborhood... so is Jupiter not a planet too? Plus Pluto and Neptune are in a 3:2 synch orbit lock, they NEED each other, and their paths dont really cross anyways! they are in different places! DUH!!!!! SAVE PLUTO!!!!! SAVE CHARON!!!!! BLAAA BLAAA BLAAAA Pluto is a planet, and the Prague-ian Planeteers are smoking too much crack.

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Rachel's Super MOO List

Rachel's Super MOO List